Waldorf Teacher Support Complete Package

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“Love the amazing (block crayon) video series!! I bought Earthschooling as a homeschooler and now use it constantly working in a Waldorf school – such an amazing tool!!!” – Handwork Hollow

This complete package of Waldorf-inspired teacher support materials includes all of our video tutorials, e-books, webinars and much more  for a total of  a $1,600.00 total value. However, when purchased as a package you save over 50%! This package is being used by Waldorf teachers, parents and many other teachers around the world. Note: The cost of this package increases as we add materials. The currently posted price may not be available tomorrow.

See a full list of the more than 125 items included in this package below…

(Note that anything added this year, such as the “How to Create a Main Lesson Book” will not be listed but is still included. EVERY teacher tutorial we have published now <and in the future> on the teacher support sale page is included in this package)

Teacher Support Package – Complete List




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