Does your student want to continue with Waldorf education in an expanded and dynamic new way?

Would your student enjoy independent experiences that put them in control of their own education?

Are you finding it overwhelming to continue Waldorf education with your high school student?

Then we invite you to join the new program we are offering at BEarth Institute!

The BEarth Institute has teamed up with Waldorf Math teacher Jamie York, Waldorf Art Teachers Robyn & Brian Wolfe and the Science Professors of Conceptual Academy to offer a new program with enhanced virtual experiences from the classroom. These living classroom experiences use the Earthschooling curriculum as the base of study but offer recorded classes to enhance the experience and/or assist the busy parent (note that Jamie York’s Math classes this year only will be live and recorded). Choose a package based on your needs below. Be sure to enroll before the first quarter starts so you don’t miss a lesson! Our “school year” is 32-weeks long, divided into four quarters of 8-weeks each, as shown below.

Classes are prerecorded so if your student misses a class they can access it at a later time.

New students may enroll below. If you already own the Earthschooling curriculum please contact us at: for a coupon code. The programs below are sold by the year. However, if you already own the Earthschooling curriculum for the grade you will be enrolling in you are eligible for a discount.

*This NEW program is jointly owned by The Bearth Institute, Jaime York Publications, Waldorfish, and Conceptual Academy and is not part of or any existing curriculum package.*

BEarth Academy: Ninth Grade 

Earthschooling Ninth Grade Curriculum
Recorded & Edited Weekly Math Lectures
9th Grade Integrated Science: Physics & Chemistry
First Quarter Art Lessons: August & September: You will receive 8 lessons total:  6 lessons that are skills & technique based and 2 that are curriculum-themed
Line Drawing, Black & White Drawing, & Two Curriculum Based Art Lessons

Enroll in Ninth Grade Here

BEarth Academy: Tenth Grade Includes

  • Earthschooling Tenth Grade Curriculum
  • LIVE & Recorded Weekly Math Lectures (see below)
  • 10th Grade Integrated Science: Biology/Earth Science/Astronomy (see below)
  • Second Quarter Art Lessons: October & November: You will receive 8 lessons total:  6 lessons that are skills & technique based and 2 that are curriculum-themed: Color Theory: Classical & Goethe, Composition, & Two Curriculum Based Art Lessons

Enroll in Tenth Grade Here

BEarth Academy: Eleventh Grade Includes

  • Earthschooling Eleventh Grade Curriculum Guides
  • LIVE & Recorded Weekly Math Lectures 
  • 11th Grade Science: Advanced Chemistry
  • Third Quarter Art Lessons: January & February: You will receive 8 lessons total:  6 lessons that are skills & technique based and 2 that are curriculum-themed: Figure Drawing, Portraits, & Two Curriculum Based Art Lessons

Enroll in Eleventh Grade Here

BEarth Academy: 12th Grade

  • Earthschooling Twelfth Grade Curriculum Guides
  • Making Math Meaningful: Student Workbook for 11th & 12th Grade: Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, & Statistics
  • Making Math Meaningful: Teacher Workbook for 11th & 12th Grade
  • 12th Grade Science: Advanced Chemistry
  • Fourth Quarter Art Lessons: March & April: You will receive 8 lessons total:  6 lessons that are skills & technique based and 2 that are curriculum-themed
    Advanced Watercolor Painting, Acrylic Painting, Advanced Line Drawing & Two Curriculum Based Lessons

Enroll in Twelfth Grade Here

2020-2021 School Year

  • Total number of weeks = 32
  • First day of school = Monday, August 31
  • Last day of school = Friday, May 21

1st Quarter: Aug 31 – Oct 30
2nd Quarter: Nov 2 – Dec 18 and Jan 4–15
3rd Quarter: Jan 18 – Feb 12 and Feb 22 – Mar 19
4th Quarter: March 22-26 and April 5 – May 21

All Packages Come With

  1. One year of Earthschooling curriculum for your grade
  2. All Earthschooling teacher support videos and tutorials for that grade (see details here)
  3. Full enrollment in Jamie York’s math classes for the year (see below for details). Each class will have lectures (around 45 minutes) on Monday and Wednesday, given by Jamie.  The lectures are “active”, meaning that the students are frequently asked to do problems, or think about something.
  4. A copy of the physical math books your student will need for the year from the Making Math Meaningful™workbooks here.
  5. A digital copy of the science book your student will need.
  6. One year of hands-on science classes based on the subject listed above.
  7. Eight art lessons specific to their grade. Six of the lessons take your student into enhanced art topics. Two of the lessons are based on curriculum topics.
  8. Your student will be assigned to an Earthschooling study group of up to 6 students for math which they can also use to meet for other topics. Workgroups meet twice per week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday, at times arranged by the people in that group.
  9. Parent meetings will take place twice per quarter with Jamie York (about once every four weeks).  The schedule for the upcoming school year has yet to be determined.
  10. ONE Easy Portal & login to access all your curriculum and classes.

Additional Options

Your student also has the option to sign up for a math tutor every Friday. The cost for this tutor would be $20.00 each week. Please e-mail us at: for details.

 More About Earthschooling

Earthschooling Logo

Earthschooling is an award-winning, secular Waldorf curriculum that is a complete but flexible educational curriculum based on learning from nature, real-life experience, natural rhythms, hands-on activities, storytelling, painting and handwork with natural fibers. Earthschooling uses the Waldorf curriculum as a framework and thus it includes lesson plans, instructional videos, and core curriculum created by certified Waldorf teachers and fulfills all the requirements of a Waldorf education. However, Earthschooling goes beyond what other Waldorf curriculum providers offer by including curriculum correspondence with core standards for your location as well as a full range of teacher support tutorials including Eurythmy lessons. In addition, a certified Waldorf teacher is available online weekly to reply to member questions in our live forum.

See Curriculum Here

 More About Jamie York’s Math Academy

 Jamie York’s Math Academy offers students from 5th through 12th grade a unique opportunity to participate in engaging distance-learning classes with other students in their own grade all under the guidance of Jamie York. The Waldorf-oriented program has been carefully designed to foster mathematical thinking, develop solid math skills, and enliven an enthusiasm for learning.

Jamie’s students will need to watch Jamie’s recorded lectures and participate in live video conferencing (with their parents at their side for grades 5 and 6). Beyond that, the program does not involve any other use of computers, such as Internet research, watching math videos, etc.

Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of introducing children to things at the developmentally appropriate time.  Each family needs to consciously decide when their child should begin to engage with the various forms of modern technology.  We believe that technology opens up exciting possibilities for homeschool families, but we honor families’ wishes to minimize their child’s exposure to media.

Read More About Jamie York Here

See Lesson Plans for Each Grade Here

More About Conceptual Academy with John Suchocki

Conceptual Academy is a complete learning platform created and maintained by the authors of the “conceptual” line of science textbooks, including Conceptual Physics, Conceptual Chemistry, Conceptual Physical Science, and Conceptual Integrated Science, both college and high school editions. This system hosts hundreds of the author’s video lessons. The video lessons provide the context students need to understand the paragraphs of the textbook. This is to say: Conceptual Academy and the textbook make for a perfect complement. The textbook is where students can read. Conceptual Academy is where they can watch and listen. You can think of Conceptual Academy as the “video textbook” created by the authors of the printed textbook. But there’s much more . . .

In addition to the Conceptual Academy library of videos and textbooks, students will find study advice from the authors, worksheets, interactive simulations, chapter summaries, unit exams, podcasts, automated quizzes, an encouragement-based homework system, a grade book that tracks points, and lab activities through an innovative Course Guide Book.

See Lesson Plans for Each Grade Here

More about Brian and Robyn Wolfe

Brian Wolfe has spent his entire adult life playing music, teaching, drawing & coaching his Waldorf kids.  So basically, creating a generation of grounded families with beautiful memories. He grew up in a musical-theater family, where he spent his childhood painting backdrops for plays & musicals, as well as playing guitar in the house-band. He is teaching Art to teacher trainees, and also teaches (as well as coaches Varsity basketball) at the Sacramento Waldorf School.

Robyn Wolfe: An early career as a park ranger led Waldorfish co-founder, Robyn Wolfe, to her love of illustrating and education. Trained initially as both a public school and Waldorf teacher, she has been involved in art + education for over 25 years, including homeschooling her two children.

An early career as a park ranger led Waldorfish co-founder, Robyn Wolfe, to her love of illustrating and education. Trained initially as both a public school and Waldorf teacher, she has been involved in art + education for over 25 years, including homeschooling her two children.

See More Details About Each Grade Here


Commitment and Refund Policy

In order to honor our commitment to our tutors and our commitment to the other families, we ask that your payment indicates your commitment to have your child complete the full 8-week quarter.  If a student drops out of the class by the end of the first week of the quarter, the family will be refunded for the portion of the quarter that was not attended, minus a $50 administration fee.  There are no refunds after the first week.

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