How Can I Save Money at Earthschooling?

Earthschooling works on a “no sale” system. This means that we do not offer sales but we do offer package discounts and other ways for you to save money. Read below to explore the four ways you can save money at Earthschooling.

The advantages of this system are that you can be assured that you are always paying the lowest and most affordable price for our products. You won’t find that something you purchased last week went on sale for 50% the next week. This also means that we can keep our prices lower every day of the year because we don’t need to inflate our prices so we can offer sales during traditional sale days.

Note that we do offer discounts when we first launch a new class, in the first week of classes as a “new product launch”. This discount is to thank people who sign up for a new product and help us iron out any issues that may arise with a new product launch. In some cases, new product launches also involved waiting for the product to upload completely.

Beyond this first week of a new product launch we do not offer any sales. You can read information about our discount codes below…

The Earthschooling Discount System & Discount Codes

Note that these discounts are only valid at the time of purchase and cannot be used retroactively (on a previous purchase).

Purchase one lesson subject/block = no discount but potentially FREE. If you purchase a lesson block or monthly block and then upgrade to a curriculum package you can receive full credit for your purchase if it would be duplicated in your upgrade. 

Purchase three or more lesson subject/blocks = 10% discount (use code: MINT10 at check out for this discount)

Purchase a Curriculum Package (set of lesson blocks) = 25% discount (this discount is included in the curriculum package price listed on the website. No code is needed)

Purchase more than one Core Curriculum Bundle or  Curriculum Package = 25% discount + additional 15% discount (the 25% discount is already part of the listed price. To receive the additional 15% discount use the code TOAST15 at checkout)

Purchase more than one grade of curriculum as a Lifetime Family Package = 35% discount (this discount is included in the price listed on the website. No code is needed)

Purchase curriculum as a group (of 2-10 people) = 50% discount

The Earthschooling Affiliate Program

You can save additional money when you refer a friend to Earthschooling. For every sale you send to us you receive 15%. This means that if your friend purchases the preschool curriculum you would receive $22.50.

The Earthschooling Scholarships

We are able to offer a limited number of up to 50% scholarships for qualifying families. Since we keep our prices so low this program is funded by our non-profit projects as well as our willingness to forgo profits on some products for families in need. You can apply for a scholarship by following the instructions on our scholarship page HERE. We do not make any profit from scholarship sales. All funds go to our teachers and staff.

Earthschooling Payment Plans

We are no longer able to accept payment plans directly as the management cost was too high from our end. 

How Do We Decide Pricing?

Some customers have been curious about why our prices have increased since we first opened in 1994 or how we have made decisions on pricing. When we first started Earthschooling more than twenty years ago the requirements for an online business were very small. We only had to have a one page website and all the files were sent by e-mail. The company was run by one person who ran the website, the e-mail and the creation of the curriculum. This meant that old prices were based on the simple labor costs of one person. Prices were very low and product was simple and without multi-media or other options.

In today’s world customers expect more than a simple syllabus for their curriculum. Business are also expected to host informative and comprehensive multi-page and multi-media websites to maintain a create a user-friendly experience for the customers/members. Websites used to be free. Now they cost money. It costs additional money to send newsletters and host files for members on the website. This did not used to be the case.

In addition, Earthschooling has added much more staff to the company. Our curriculum now goes beyond a simple document. Earthschooling is now able to provide a full curriculum experience with videos for teachers that show them how to do the lessons, mp3s for verses, support from Waldorf teachers on our forum, daily support from staff and other members on our Facebook forum, and files that can be accessed on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our current prices are based on the following payments we make on a monthly basis to provide services and products to customers:

  1. Cost of hosting the website
  2. Cost of paying a webmaster to maintain the complex website.
  3. Cost of hosting files online for members and customers
  4. Cost of sending newsletters to members and non-members
  5. Cost of paying staff to help run the expanded business operations
  6. Cost of paying teachers who have contributed lessons
  7. Earthschooling into the comprehensive curriculum it is today.
  8. Cost of office supplies

By pricing fairly and not offering sales we are able to treat each customer equally and offer a product we are very proud of – the product we dreamed of so many years ago but were not able to create because of Internet limitations and the limitations of running a business as one person. Earthschooling is now the premier Waldorf homeschooling product online and offers more than any other similar curricula.

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