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Coop2 (Duplicate)Joining a local co-op or charter/community school can be a great way to meet other Waldorf Inspired homeschoolers in your area, share supplies, inspire others, be inspired, make life-long friends for yourself and your children and save money on Earthschooling curriculum.

Additionally, since the Earthschooling curriculum was inspired by our own charter school experiences and co-op community we also offer unique support, documentation, guides and experience to schools and co-op communities. We’ve traveled the path many times before and we want to help you get started and inspire your group to thrive!

We even help you get connected with others in your area!

How does this work?

CoopEarthschooling has a special price for schools and co-ops that work together using the Earthschooling curriculum. We realize there are unique needs and situations in a group experience. While in many cases a teacher may be using the curriculum to teach a class, parents may also need access to this curriculum to continue some work at home.

Site statistics over the years show that co-op and school members benefit greatly from access to the curriculum, but do not access it in the same way or as frequently as single-family members. This inspired us to create a special “shared rate” for co-op members and schools.

This rate enables schools and co-ops to easily allow parents access to the Earthschooling curriculum because:

1. The Earthschooling Co-op Price with Add-on Options encourages families to work together and form communities.

2. The Earthschooling Co-op Price with Add-on Options makes Earthschooling affordable.

3. Even parents who already own curriculum can easily add a second curriculum to their “tool box”. Many parents have been especially eager to add Earthschooling to their “tool box” because of the unprecedented parent-teacher education materials it provides (even if they don’t access the curriculum).

4. The shared rate with add-on options makes it possible for the curriculum fee to be charged as a separate fee when a family first enrolls in  a co-op or school. This means that weekly class fees or supply fees can remain low since the family only needs to pay the one-time fee for curriculum access.

What is the Earthschooling Lifetime Family Package?

The curriculum package you are gaining access to is a premier Waldorf-inspired curriculum that includes all the grades preschool through eighth grade (with high school add-on options) as well as all the teacher support you need for those grades.

* See a full list of what the Lifetime Curriculum includes by looking at a sample of our First Grade Curriculum Guide.

* Read more about the curriculum and see additional charts and information on this page HERE.

* All current Lifetime options are listed on this page HERE. These options include purchasing the package with a partner, adding additional enrichment options and discounts on natural healing classes.

Waldorf Inspired Co-ops Around the World

The following co-ops use Earthschooling exclusively or as part of a wider Waldorf-inspired mixture of curricula. Many co-ops include members that use a variety of different Waldorf-inspired curricula as well as other methods including Montessori or Unschooling.

Waldorf Inspired New Orleans

CurriculumCoopWant to Add Your Co-op or School?

Write to us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com to find out how.

Already a Lifetime Member?

Did you know you can add members to your current membership or create a co-op from your existing membership? Contact us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com to find out how.

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