Emilie Leonard

Emilie is passionate about teaching French to children in a way that is fun, inspired by Waldorf pedagogical philosophy and nature based. She is homeschooling her two daughters in French and runs local French programs for children from her home in Collingwood, Ontario. Born in Montreal, Canada, Emilie has treasured her mother tongue since childhood.

Emilie holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering from McGill University in Montreal though she did not work in the field after graduation. Throughout her educational path, she spent many hours tutoring children and teens in French and Math. She taught French in Spain where she became disenfranchised with the education system. It seemed that the system was working against the spirits of the children as well as that of the teachers. She is grateful to have found the Waldorf approach and to have the privilege to homeschool her girls in this light.

Her other areas of interest include herbal medicine, environmental protection, birth work, yoga and meditation.

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