303: Typology of Avicenna

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(This course is similar to the course 801: Balance Through Temperaments and Typology of the Naturopathic (ND) Course). The goal of this unit is to introduce the student to the ideas of temperament and physiological type. This method of viewing bodily health was used in Greek and Roman times and was made famous again by Avicenna. From there it passed into the Arab world as well as Europe. Typology is still heavily used today in China as well as India and other areas. This unit strives to familiarize the student with the history of typology as well as teach the student how to use a working model of these theories. Credit Hours: 136; 303: Introduction to Typology – 12 Credits; 303A: The Humors in Historical World Healing – 35 Credits; 303B: History of Typology and Temperament; 303C: Unani Tibb and the Four Humors – 35 Credits; 303D: The Four Humors in Art and Literature – 12 Credits; 303E: Usage and Application of the Four Humors – 42 Credits.