505: Herbs of the Hadith

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The goal of this unit is to introduce the student to Hadith, the science of Hadith and all of the herbs that were mentioned in the recorded Hadith and how they were used according to these sources. Modern usages of all the Hadith herbs are also covered. Latin names are provided for all herbs. The Book, The Complete Guide to Medicinal Herbs will be used for other units in this course. This unit is useful for seeing how religion influenced the use of traditional medicine in this area of the world. Medicine of the Hadith is unique among the healing traditions of the world in that it is one of the most widely used traditions within a religion. To contrast, not all Christians are familiar with the herbs of the bible, nor are people of other religions familiar with the herbs and healing traditions of their religion. However, in the Islamic world, the healing Hadith are as much part of the religion as prayer is. Credit Hours: 106; 505: Herbs of the Prophet – 52 Credits; 505A: Prophetic Healing and Modern Medicine – 32 Credits; 505B: Islamic Hospitals – 24 Credits