707: Herbs of the Arab World

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Each area of the world also has herbs unique to their geographic location. Credit Hours: 101; Herbs of Saudi Arabia – 12 Credits; Herbs of the United Arab Emirates – 12 Credits; A European Herbal of the Arab World – 24 Credits; Handbook of Arabian Medicinal Herbs – 24 Credits; Folk Medicine of Turkey – 24 Credits; Folk Medicine of Sudan – 24 Credits; Folk Medicine of Tehran – 24 Credits; Amulets in Islamic Medicine – 24 Credits; Herbal Medicine in Oman – 24 Credits; Herbal Medicine in Yemen – 24 Credits



The goal of this unit is to provide the student with a look at herbal usage in the modernArab world. I have studied herbal usage in India, China, Mexico and native America as well as other areas of the world. It is facinating how each area of the world shares many of the same herbs but uses them in different ways…


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