909: Herbal Preparations

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If you enroll in this class as an individual class then upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a diploma as a Master Herbalist (MH). If you are enrolled as a Naturopathic Doctorate student you will receive an ND after you complete all your courses and a certificate of completion for this one. If you are in the ND program and would like to work towards a second degree in this class please register for a Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade on this page. Credit Hours: 92; 201: Herbal Preparations – 24 Credits; 201A: World Views – 24 Credits; 201B: Basic Preparations – 32 Credits; 201C: Simple Formulas – 12 Credits



(This is similar to 201, 201A, 201B and 201C of the Master Herbalist Course). The goal of this unit is to educate the student about various herbs and how to make herbal preparations from these herbs. Towards this goal the student is also educated in the history of herbal preparations. In addition, alchemy is introduced, not for purposes of usage, but as a historical unit. Herbal preparations are taught through the making of tinctures, teas, salves and other common preparations.