African Drumming (G6 – G9)

USD $35.00


Amazing! 6-8 weeks of African Drumming lessons as part of the ninth grade Earthschooling Waldorf music block. As an optional add-on, or for students not following a pure Waldorf curriculum schedule, this lesson can also be used for students in G6 and up and can be repeated on a yearly basis. In this 2 part – 60 minute series, our experienced drumming teacher takes you through the history of African drumming, different rhythms, practice sessions, traditional songs, cultural applications and much more. The video will show you, as the teacher or student, how each ten-minute section of video can be taught, learned and practiced over one week of music lessons. No one will want to miss this one! This is “officially” a G9 lesson block. However, you can teach it earlier. Or, like our class did, you can use it over multiple years. You can see an interview with our drumming instructor here…

Interview With Your Drumming Teacher Drumming Lesson Sample