Waldorf 101: Syllabus

Would you like to convert your classroom or home to a Waldorf home or classroom? Would you like to know the meaning behind some of the Waldorf activities? I created a packet for the Waldorf parents at my school ten years ago to help them understand what the essence of Waldorf is and what the meaning behind the activities we did at school were. Each week we discussed a different topic from the handout. I called this class “Waldorf 101”, because it was a series I designed especially for new Waldorf parents to help get them started on the Waldorf path.


Waldorf Philosophy
Parent-Child Modeling
The Importance of Free Play

Curriculum & Rhythm

Rhythm & Stages in Waldorf Education
Summary of Needs and Rhythms of Each Age from Preschool to Eighth Grade
Specific Lessons and Themes for Each Year – Preschool to Eighth Grade
The Rhythm of the Day
The Rhythm of the Month
The Rhythm of the Year
Lesson Blocks
Breathing In, Breathing Out and Baking Bread


Natural Toys, Clothing and Materials
What is a Main Lesson Book? (Where are the Worksheets?)


The Wisdom of Fairytales

Art & Handwork

Waldorf Art


Religion and Spirituality in Waldorf Education


Waldorf Celebrations
The Waldorf Birthday Story


The Basic Verses
Bedtime Verses


Temperaments in Education

Teacher Tasks

Meditation and Inner Work
Educating the Teacher/Parent

Modern World

Waldorf and Television

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