Arabic Calligraphy for Kids

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…we are allowing the child to learn about the language in a manner they are already familiar with. In this lesson we introduce the basic rules of the Arabic language and Alphabet, talk a bit about calligraphy and the importance of writing and calligraphy in the Arab world and then do two activities. You do not need to know Arabic to teach this class. If you are interested in learning more Arabic after doing this lesson you can download the e-book “Learning the Arabic Alphabet in the Waldorf Style” from this e-book page. 28-pages long.



A basic Arabic calligraphy lesson is a wonderful way to introduce kids to Arabic without having to deal with all the rules and complications of the language. By teaching this mini-session children as young as third grade will be writing their names in Arabic and recognizing letters in less than an hour. By introducing Arabic in an artistic way…