Basics of Iridology

USD $50.00

This course now also comes with 6 amazing iridology charts, including a photo layover chart, that we have created especially for our students. This updated mini-course now also comes with the tutorial, “How to use your camera or smart phone to take iris photos”. This is especially helpful when using iridology with children or people who have dark irises.



This seminar includes charts, lectures and a video that shows you how to give an iridology reading and how to supplement that with photos from a simple digital camera. You will learn: How to position your client, the tools you need, how to record what you see, how to look into the iris, and what light sources you can use and how to use them.You will also learn why and how YOUR digital camera can help – you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. An additional 10-minute tutorial is meant to be watched, paused and studied. Over 25 iris photos as well as titles are included. This is a FANTASTIC introduction to iridology or supplement to the iridology student who needs to study some real iris photos.