Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level 4: Borders

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This purchase includes: 2 ‘level four’ videos and one PDF with a guide and over 30 sample Main Lesson Book pages. These videos are exclusive to Earthschooling and cannot be found on any other website.

The skills the teacher learns in this three-part video set will be used in all grades. In addition, the supplement that comes with this video set includes over 30 Main Lesson Book page samples so you can see additional “real life” examples from the topics discussed in the video tutorial. These “real life” examples with further expand your imagination and skill level.

Each video in this series is a different length: Tutorial Four (has two videos)

PDF Guide
#1: 14 minutes, 41 seconds
#2: 18 minutes, 8 seconds

Skills covered in this video set include:

  1. Simple thick borders
  2. Thick borders with rounded edges
  3. Shaded borders of one color
  4. Shaded borders with two color layers
  5. Shaded border with three color layers
  6. Thick borders with two distinct colors
  7. Borders with form drawing
  8. Thin borders with two distinct colors
  9. Borders with two colors and mirror image forms
  10. Complex borders with two colors, mirror images, shading & blending
  11. Borders that integrate the curriculum theme

This video set comes free with your purchase of the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package or the Teacher Support Package. You can see a small sample below…