Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

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This purchase includes 12 videos, 11 PDFs and 14 stories. These videos are exclusive to Earthschooling and cannot be found on any other website.

“I am thrilled to get these tutorials. I have wished for this kind of instruction in watercolor and block crayon drawing for years; in fact, not having this skill is what stopped our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling!” – Gretchen Sparkman

Do you want to have a solid foundation in block crayon drawing that will help you lead your classes from preschool to sixth grade? By purchasing all four levels of block crayon tutorials by Brian Wolfe you can save money! All of these tutorials purchased individually would be $100.00. By purchasing these all together you save 25%!

For details on what this package includes see the individual lesson package descriptions below. This package includes everything listed in the following four listings. You can also find video times and complete descriptions at the following links:

Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level One

Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level Two

Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level Three

Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level Four

This video set comes free with your purchase of the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package or the Teacher Support Package. You can see a short sample here:


Block Crayon Tutorials: Full Set Samples