Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci: Hardcover

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As a young boy in medieval Italy, Leonardo Fibonacci thought about numbers day and night. He was such a daydreamer that people called him a blockhead.

When Leonardo grew up and traveled the world, he was inspired by the numbers used in different countries. Then he realized that many things in nature, from the number of petals on a flower to the spiral of a nautilus shell, seem to follow a certain pattern. The boy who was once teased for being a blockhead had discovered what came to be known as the Fibonacci Sequence!

Author: Joseph D\'Agnese

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The Life of Fibonacci is a children’s picture book about the famous mathematician from Pisa, Italy, who discovered the Fibonacci Sequence, which governs how so many objects in nature grow and flourish. The book is set in Italy and the world of the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages. John O’Brien, a talented cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine, provided the charming illustrations. The book is supported by an author website ( and Facebook fan page.

Blockhead is the kind of book parents and grandparents would buy for children who adore math, history and nature. The book can also be used by teachers who want students to study math concepts such as number patterns, Roman numerals, and place value.

This book helps a child begin to ask such questions as: Why does a starfish have five arms? Why do lilies have three petals? Why is there a spiral buried in the face of a sunflower?

The answers to all these questions are found in the Fibonacci Sequence.

Our book is designed for repeated readings. Children are prompted to search for Fibonacci objects hidden in the illustrations. The book unites what kids learn in school with their wondrous experience of the natural world around them.

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