The Journey of Analise: Digital Edition

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NEW! The Journey of Analise is finally available in full color e-book format!

This option includes the e-book book, The Journey of Analise: A Child’s Journey Through the Temperaments. This book is unusual in that it is a full color picture book but also a 166 page chapter-book. The story of Analise’s journey through the temperaments is told in twenty-six chapters. It can be read independently by a child or it can be read to a child in daily increments.

Analise Interior

This book provides a unique way for teachers and parents to teach children about the four temperaments. Some families use this as a daily Advent story or daily New Year’s story. This book was originally published as an MP3 series and due to popular demand was made into a print book. To honor the magic of the journey artist Robyn Wolfe has created 12 magical chalk drawings for the book. See the first 15 pages of the book below…

The Journey of Analise: A Journey Through the Temperaments: First 15 Pages