Eurythmy For Health & Well-Being

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At the Avicenna Institute we are thrilled to be able to offer this course as a cornerstone for every practitioner, teacher & parent. This course provides you with the tools you need to keep yourself balanced and at peace as well as specific activities you can do that will immediately and deeply benefit your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. This also puts you in the ideal position to guide others in their studies, in their work or in their pursuit of well-being.*

This course is not included as part of the Naturopathic Series, Unani Tibb Series or the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package. However, we highly recommend this course for anyone who is using those materials.

Cynthia Hoven, your instructor, says,

“I am happy to introduce you to Eurythmy, a spiritually inspired practice of Mindful Meditative Movements and sacred dance. I have been doing Eurythmy for my entire adult life. It is my spiritual practice, my profession, my calling. I have taught Eurythmy to many thousands of people, children and adults, in group courses and in private sessions.

In 2014 I created an online Eurythmy curriculum so that people everywhere can learn about it and create their own personal Eurythmy practice.

With my contributions to the curriculum at The Avicenna Institute, I have chosen some of my best lessons to show you how to take care of your own energy with Eurythmy exercises. You can use them for grounding, stress relief, and harmonization. Essentially, Eurythmy exercises strengthen your etheric body, when you practice them regularly. By taking a few minutes a day to do eurythmy as a mindful meditation movement, you will quite literally build patterns into your etheric body that will make bring you health.

Your Curriculum

The Avicenna Curriculum package includes twelve instructional videos with accompanying pdf documents. Also included are three videos to tell you how to begin your practice and the mood to cultivate for maximum focus and mindfulness. Any of the exercises may be practiced alone, or you can combine them for certain therapeutic effects.

Each video is about ten minutes long. You will be encouraged to watch it long enough to understand and internalize the exercise, and then to turn off the computer and work in your own silence. This stillness is essential for you to be able to internalize your own power!


  • Basic Guidelines
  • How to Create your own Eurythmy Practice
  • The Soul Exercises—Creating Health through Soul Movements
  • The Peace Exercise, a blessing for yourself and the world
  • Weight bears downward/Light Streams upward, a Rosicrucian practice
  • Threefold Walking, discovering harmony in mindful walking
  • Contraction/expansion, connecting to cosmos and earth
  • B, the consonant of boundaries
  • Ah, the vowel of wonder
  • Ah-Reverence, the practices of wonder and reverence to reduce stress and sleep better
  • Ā, the vowel of strength
  • Love-Ā, the practices of love and strength to harmonize the rhythms of the heart
  • U, the vowel of grounding
  • Hope-U, the practices of hope and grounding to harmonize digestion and strengthen the will
  • I think Speech, a geometric tuning

Therapeutic Applications of Eurythmy

Each individual has a unique relationship of body, soul and spirit, and the choice of eurythmy exercises can powerfully target specific constitutional needs. If you wish to use eurythmy to target specific needs, you can focus your practice accordingly. Therapeutic Eurythmy is effective for the person who is able to practice eurythmy regularly, at least once a day for seven weeks, thereby impressing its influences into a person’s etheric (energy) body.

In choosing which exercises to work on, you can assess whether you want to work on a general sense of well-being, grounding your will through the metabolism, balancing the feeling center of the heart and lungs, or reducing the stress on your nerve-sense system which often leads to depletion, sleep difficulties and nervousness.


With any or all of these most simple exercises, you can bring health, peace and harmony to yourself, your home and the world. Each lesson is about 8 minutes long, and includes an accompanying pdf.

The Peace Exercise: Centering yourself in Space
Threefold Walking: Connect heaven and earth through mindful walking
Contraction/Expansion: Connecting to the cosmos and the earth
I think Speech: A geometric tuning
Weight bears downward/ Light streams upward: A Rosicrucian practice


This sequence is created especially for those who feel that their metabolism or lower body is weak or unpenetrated. They may not eat well, they may not feel that they stand firmly on the earth. This 15 minute sequence includes 5 lessons, each about 8 minutes long, with accompanying pdfs:

Threefold Walking: Connect heaven and earth through mindful walking
Weight bears downward/ Light streams upward: a Rosicrucian practice to balance heaven and earth in the body
B: the consonant of boundaries
U: the vowel of grounding
Hope-U: the practices of hope and grounding to harmonize digestion and strengthen the will.


This sequence is created especially for those who feel stressed or anxious in their hearts. They may have high or low blood pressure. They may need to give a lot of heart energy in their jobs and sometimes feel as though they have no resources left afterwards. Others may be very tender people who are too easily affected in their personal feelings. This 15-minute sequence contains 5 lessons with accompanying pdfs.

The Peace Exercise: A blessing for yourself and the world
Threefold Walking: discovering harmony in mindful walking
Contraction/Expansion: connecting to cosmos and earth
Ā: the vowel of strength
Love-Ā: the practices of love and strength to harmonize the rhythms of the heart


This sequence is created especially for those who are overwhelmed by the senses and who feel as if they are being “ground down” by the sense world. It is especially recommended to help people who have a hard time falling asleep at night, who spend too much time at the computer or in cares, or who are highly susceptible to catching colds from others. This 15 minutes sequence also includes 6 lessons, each about 8 minutes long, with accompanying pdfs:

Contraction/Expansion: Within your heart shines the light of the sun
Threefold Walking: Connect heaven and earth through mindful walking
B: The Consonant of Boundaries 
Ah: The Vowel of Wonder
Ah-Reverence: Overcome stress and sleep better

*Feel free to share and explore eurythmy in an informal manner with your family and friends and to enjoy increased energy, peace and harmony as the exercises enrich your life as a parent, teacher or practitioner. These exercises will directly impact your practice, home and classroom in a positive and energetic way.

We do request, however, that you honor the spirit of this work by not sharing the video exercises with your own clients, nor by acting as a professional trained in this work. Instead, direct them to subscribe to these videos themselves so that they can learn from the curriculum. 

The samples below are ones that Cynthia has approved for us to provide as samples. The videos below may not be part of the set you are purchasing. However, they do provide a sample of Cynthia’s work…

The Letter B: Guide The Letter B: Video A Peace Exercise: A Blessing For Our Earth: Guide A Peace Exercise: A Blessing For Our Earth: Video