Eurythmy for High School

USD $145.00


This exquisite set of Eurythmy lessons by Cynthia Hoven of has been specially selected for the high school classroom and includes teacher support, instruction and guidance. 

Guidelines for Eurythmy in High School (PDF)
I Think Speech (Video & PDF)
Halleluiah (Video & PDF)
Weight and Light (Video & PDF)
Threefold Walking (Video & PDF)
Variations on Threefold Walking (Video & PDF)
Module: How to Move in Space: Includes all Etheric Space videos such as Walking in Straight Lines, Lemniscates, Curves and Circles and more (Videos & PDFs)
Module: Eurythmy Rod Exercises: Includes all Rod videos such as 7-fold, 12-fold, Qui Qui and more (Videos & PDFs)

The samples below are ones that Cynthia has approved for us to provide as samples. The videos below may not be part of the set you are purchasing. However, they do provide a sample of Cynthia’s work…

The Letter B: Guide The Letter B: Video A Peace Exercise: A Blessing For Our Earth: Guide A Peace Exercise: A Blessing For Our Earth: Video