Form Drawing Grades 1-4

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This amazing little book is a thorough and insightful overview of the progress of form drawing through the first four grades. Within Waldorf Education these forms are seen not only as the precursors to good handwriting and eye/hand coordination in general, they are also known for their remarkable ability to help students integrate what are now known as left- and right-brain functions and, therefore, emerge into a more unified view of the world around them…

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Both Embrey-Stine and Schuberth are to be congratulated (and thanked!) for their work. They have covered all the basic lessons for the first four grades, ways of presenting the forms to students, a myriad of forms to use (with lots of information on when to use them), associated the forms with the world around us, and then gone on to offer forms for each temperament and forms for the teacher. This is a book destined to become dog eared from enthusiastic use!

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