How to Teach Form Drawing

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The Video, “Introduction to Form Drawing” is a visual tutorial by Diane Power that takes you on a journey from the very first steps of form drawing to form drawing in the upper grades. This video offers you the meaning behind the forms, lesson ideas, visuals on how exactly to draw the forms and tips on how to draw some of the more difficult forms. This video comes with a 23-page e-book, “Form Drawing Basics”.

In the video Diane Power talks about how form drawing is the first steps of geometry, how to progress into using more colors in form drawing, & what your very first form drawing lesson will be on the first day of first grade. She will also cover:

*How to create the basic line
*How to create the curved line
*Activities to do before drawing the forms
*The meaning behind the forms
*Connection between geography and form drawing
*Developing small motor skills
*Specific types of crayons & pencils to use
*Length of time to spend on forms & form drawing lessons
*Form drawing with right & left hands
*Body posture in form drawing
*What finished work looks like
*Form drawing off the paper

*Spirals and their creation
*Practice forms
*Form drawing mistakes
*Moods and form drawing
*Form drawing as a transition activity
*Verses & advanced activities for spiral forms
*Stories & form drawing
*Planning the entire form drawing lesson
*Music cues and the form drawing lesson
*Form drawing as a precursor to cursive
*Mirrored forms
*How form drawing helps with writing & penmanship
*How much can the teacher help?

*How form drawing relates to the themes of the grade
*How to create metamorphic forms
*Different stroke methods
*Metamorphosis of a circle
*Third grade forms & balance
*Development of body orientation, body geography, inner visualization and observation
*How to present the forms as a teacher
*Shares notes of wisdom from her own teacher training that her teacher shared with her