Games Children Sing and Play

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A lot has been ‘said’ about protecting childhood, but this beautifully written and produced book will show you ‘how’. The authors have poured a lifetime of what works for young children into these pages for us.

– Kim John Payne, M.Ed.
Author of Games Children Play and Simplicity Parenting

Author: Joan Carr Shimer and Valerie Baadh Garrett

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Games Children Sing and Play is a joyous outpouring of happy games for young children to play, for adults to teach, and for families and classrooms to experience the happy delight that flows out of these songs, movements and fun.  It is a book that will be welcomed anywhere there are children who want to play and adults who want to offer them the best foundation for life, along with a sense of happy security and peace.

Games Children Sing and Play is a treasury of thirty-four favorite, time-tested games for playing with three- to five-year-old children.  Not only is this book easy to use with children, but the authors also explain how these enchanting games help children develop in healthy ways.

This collection includes traditional gems and new games created or adapted for today’s children. The magical weaving of rhythms, movement, songs, stories, and imaginative pictures invite children into worlds of vibrant wonder. These games help children feel at home in their bodies, become aware of others, and build relationships.  The authors give tips for using the games with children, and describe:

  • How games help child development and physical co-ordination
  • How healthy movement helps children’s learning
  • How movement games develop the senses

In Games Children Sing and Play experienced educators Valerie Baadh and Joan Carr Shimer draw on both Spacial Dynamics and Waldorf early years education. Having worked extensively with children, they aim to encourage a healthy movement culture that counters our one-sided sedentary culture, with games that help children develop varied play and movement skills.  The authors offer these story games to educators and parents to provide children with a shared space for playing, growing, and learning.

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