Knitting as a Way of Life: Knitting Skills, Psychological, Physical and Educational Benefits

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In this seminar from the Waldorf in the Home Conference Kristie shares verses and stories, ways she has taught knitting and finger knitting, lessons on finger knitting, casting on, and other knitting skills. We have even included a specific close-up bonus video called “How to Knit a Rabbit” that expands on one of the examples in this seminar.

Kristie demonstrates how to teach knitting with stories and verses and shows you how to create your own projects. If you have never knitted you will get the basics and if you already know how to knit you will get some teaching techniques and different perspectives.

This lecture has been popular with teachers as parents who want to enrich their student’s education, or who work with neurodiverse challenges in the classroom because it ¬†goes beyond the physical form/product of knitting and expands into mental, spiritual, psychological and educational benefits of the craft.

Some highlights from the video include:

Spiritual/Psychological Highlights: We look into spiritual metaphors e.g. how we create our own reality, unity, harmony, and perseverance. Together we explore knitting as a form of mediation with all the health benefits. Kristie talks about the sense of pride and gift when student is able to teach to another.

Educational Highlights: Kristie speaks about how knitting connects the mental and spiritual realms and how more neuron connectivity is created from dexterity and hand-eye coordination. She talks about how knitting prepares children for reading and math and serves as therapy for children needing brain development e.g. children in the autism spectrum.

Physical Highlights: Kristie talks about how knitting can be a form of physical meditation for sanguine and choleric temperaments. Creating and possibly gifting is a form of positive energy. She explores many other physical benefits of knitting as well.

Note: Because this video was not produced by us and because of the contracts we have with Rahima Baldwin Dancy and Lisa Vickers (videographer) we are unable to include this video in any package on our website. This video is not included in the Lifetime Family Package, Teacher Support Package or any curriculum package.