Legends of the Iroquois

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When introducing myths and legends in second and third grade this book can provide your curriculum with  diversity. Or, if you are teaching children with Native American heritage, this book can provide a story “of one’s own people and place” as recommended by Rudolf Steiner when teaching children of this age.

When teaching the Native American block in fourth grade or introducing Native cultures in any other grade – even into high school – this book can lend an authentic voice to the stories you want to share with your class. 

The symbols in this book also provide amazing inspiration for form drawing in either second, third, or fourth grade.

Author: Tehanetorens

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Tehanetorens presents ancient stories both in pictographs and accompanied by English translations. Pictographs were the original writing system used by many Native American and First Nations peoples and could be symbols of physical objects or concepts. A brief summary of the Great Peace upon which Iroquois culture is founded, along with a key to Six Nations pictographs, the symbols of the Six Nations and that of their clans prelude the stories. Fourteen tales explore the Iroquois culture and teach lessons of loyalty, bravery, and kindness. Also included is a full biography of Tehanetorens and his contributions to the Haudenosaunee.

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