Making Math Meaningful: An 11th & 12th Grade Workbook, Teacher’s Edition

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Author: Andrew Starzynski and Jamie York

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Designed to be used with the High School math curriculum, A Source Book for Teaching High School Math, this Teacher’s Edition of the 11th & 12th Grade Math Workbook is an all-in-one book for the teacher and contains:

  • Thoughts on teaching Waldorf math in 11th & 12th grade
  • Commentary on each of the units in An 11th and 12th Grade Workbook
  • The units from An 11th and 12th Grade Student Workbook
  • The Answer Key to Our 11th and 12th Grade Workbook

Each of those components can also be purchased separately for your convenience.

Why a combined 11 and 12th Grade Workbook? This workbook is designed to be used by either an advanced or a regular math track class. The two calculus units are intended for an advanced class, while the two statistics units are more designed for a regular math class. With the exception of the statistics units, an advanced math class ought to be able to work through most of this workbook over the course of the eleventh grade year and the first half of twelfth grade. A regular math track class in eleventh or twelfth grade can simply pick and choose from the many units in this workbook and from units in the second half of the 10th Grade Workbook, such as “Exponential Growth,” “Sequences and Series,” or “Math and Music”).

The units covered in this workbook are:

  • Cartesian Geometry Part I
  • Trigonometry Part II
  • Complex Numbers Part I
  • Cartesian Geometry Part II
  • Possibility and Probability Part II
  • Trigonometry Part III
  • Cartesian Geometry Part III
  • Logarithms Part III
  • Complex Numbers Part II
  • Trigonometry Part IV
  • Cartesian Geometry Part IV
  • Calculus Part I
  • Calculus Part II
  • Statistics Part I
  • Statistics Part II
  • Problem-solving Exercises

332 pages, 7″ x 9″, 2015.

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