Making Math Meaningful: A Source Book for Teaching Middle School Math

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Author: Jamie York

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New in Third Edition: Reworking of 7th grade percents unit, major reworking of 7th grade ratios unit. Two new sections for 8th grade, calculating the Area of Four Types of Triangle, calculating the area of a Cone and Pyramid and much more!

In addition to the original text (see original review below), Jamie York has made the following additions to this 2nd edition of Making Math Meaningful:

  • A section on Simple Interest (6th grade Business Math).
  • A wonderful drawing exercise titled The Metamorphosis of a Lima├žon (6th grade Geometry).
  • A section on The Ratio in a Square, which discusses the “great Pythagorean mystery” (7th grade Ratios).
  • A section on The Four Ways of Expressing pi as a Ratio (7th grade Irrational Numbers).
  • A reworking of the section on The Square Root Algorithm (7th grade Irrational Numbers).
  • Formulas showing how Pythagoras and the Arabs calculated Pythagorean Triples (7th grade Geometry).
  • Heron’s Formula for the Area of a Circle (8th grade Arithmetic).
  • A new table in the appendix listing the Prime Numbers up to 2000.
  • An entirely new appendix, titled Ideas for Fifth Grade, which includes: Square and Triangular Numbers; Perfect, Abundant and Deficient Numbers; Making a Right Angle with a Rope; The Unitary Method; The Sum of Two Prime Numbers; Sums and Differences of Square Numbers, and more.

Original review: York’s original goal in writing this was primarily to create a math curriculum guide for his fellow Waldorf teachers. However, his results go far beyond Waldorf schools – public school teachers, homeschoolers and parents which to help their children will also find that the thorough clarity of this book can set them and their children free in the world of numbers.

This is the math book we’ve been waiting for – a curriculum guide that is thorough, expert, accessible even to those of us who are “math challenged”, interesting and inspiring even to those who are mathematically expert – and best of all, covers the grade levels making the transition from the four processes to higher mathematics – grades 6, 7 and 8.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Jamie York’s thoughts on teaching math – based on his experience as a Waldorf math teacher and his training in mathematics, this is must-read material for anyone interested in or responsible for teaching mathematics to pre-teens. He discusses all aspects of mathematics that apply to grades 6, 7 and 8 as well as giving tips on using the book, discerning what must be taught from among all the things that could be taught, and (I love this!) planning the math block!
  • A summary of all math topics covered, including the mathematical skills that must have been reached in grade 5 in order to proceed with the middle school curriculum.
  • Sixth grade arithematic and geometry; 7th grade arithmetic, geometry and algebra; 8th grade arithmetic, geometry, algebra and computers
  • All subject matter in this curriculum is presented in an accessible, step-by-step way that teaches as it explains, allowing the weak math teacher to struggle (successfully!) with the concepts and really learn them before stepping into the classroom.
  • Appendices with classic problems, resources and in-depth explanations.

This book is an outstanding addition to the world of education! Recommended without reservation!!!!

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