Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: Hardcover

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Inspired by a traditional African folktale, this is the story of Mufaro, who is proud of his two beautiful daughters. Nyasha is kind and considerate, but everyone—except Mufaro—knows that Manyara is selfish and bad-tempered. When the Great King decides to take a wife and invites the most worthy and beautiful daughters in the land to appear before him, Mufaro brings both of his daughters—but only one can be queen. Who will the king choose?

Author: John Steptoe

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This book is suitable for ages 7 and up. This is yet another rendition of Cinderella. We have another version available as well called, The Rough Faced Girl.

In Waldorf education the 7-year-old child explores fairytales and folklore. The story of Cinderella is one that is told in hundreds of ways across many different cultures. I grew up knowing Cinderella as a blond European princess. But when I studied linguistics and folklore in college I learned that not everyone grew up with the same Cinderella.

Expand your child’s horizons by reading them versions of Cinderella that they may not be as familiar with. It was truly a treat for me to enjoy all the different versions that we read when my children were younger. 

Award-winning artist John Steptoe’s rich cultural imagery of Africa earned him the Coretta Scott King Award for Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. The book also went on to win the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award. This stunning story is a timeless treasure that readers will enjoy for generations.

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