Nutritional Well-Being Course: High School Edition

USD $450.00

This class is for high school students interested in delving deeper into the science of nutrition. For high school credit purposes this course is considered a course in health or nutrition. There is no student lounge or live interactions with this course.

In this class you will learn a variety of nutritional information, including but not limited to: pros and cons of different dietary systems; diet and temperament; food temperatures and significance, correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy oils; how each specific food affects different parts of the body; how to individualize a food and supplement health program for specific needs; nutrient-dense super-foods; use of antioxidants; quality of foods; environmental nutrition and detoxification; other specialty programs; fasting; and integrating complete nutritional programs for optimal well-being and balance. Credit Hours: 84: NH101 – The Twelve Principles of Well-Being – 12 Credits; NH102 – Modern Nutritional Dangers – 12 Credits; NH103 – The Four Humors and Nutrition (Chart, Audio, Visuals) – 24 Credits
NH104 – Diets for Well-Being and Balance – 24 Credits; NH105 – Vitamins for Well-Being and Balance – 12 Credits; NH106 – The History of Kitchen “Pharmacy” – 10 Credits



These classes are designed to train you in the use of Certified Nutritional Consultant for self-help, personal growth and for the professional benefit of others. These classes qualify you to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Certified Nutritional Consulting can be practiced alone or in conjunction with any other certification. Those in the fields of medicine, nursing, chiropractic, physical therapy, dentistry, massage, counseling and other healing arts use Certified Nutritional Consulting in their existing practices. Diploma/Certificate of Completion: Certified Nutritional Consultant. Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a diploma as a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC).

This class is not included in the Earthschooling High School Package