Pathfinders Series: Finding Grace

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We decided to carry the Pathfinder’s series of books for our teenage readers because they tell stories of every day Native American teenagers from their own point of view. As part of a curriculum that seeks to embrace diversity and understanding of other cultures it is important that we allow people their own voices rather than speaking for them. In this book Kim Sigafus, an award-winning Ojibwa writer and Illinois Humanities Road Scholar speaker, tells the story of Autumn Dawn who struggles with family issues and personal challenges with Dyslexia.

Author: Kim Sigafus

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Autumn Dawn has learned to deal with her dyslexia and her life is starting to look better, but a horrible accident threatens to change everything. When her mother and brother are crossing a street, they are accidentally hit by a car. Autumn’s little brother is okay, but her mother ends up in intensive care. Autumn’s father, who had walked away from his family a while ago, leaving them to fend for themselves, is now back in their lives and trying to make amends. When Autumn’s mom is released from the hospital, she still needs help, so Autumn’s dad moves back home.

Can Autumn ever forgive her father for leaving his family in the first place, or will she continue to be angry and resentful? Is it possible to trust any male, including her devoted boyfriend?

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