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These NEW Living Lesson Packages include everything that is in our Earthschooling Curriculum Packages but they go above and beyond by also providing you with Living Lessons. Living Lessons are video lessons where a teacher leads the class through a variety of main lessons, specialized lessons, stories, handwork, crafts, painting, form drawing, music, and more! You can use these lessons as examples to follow for your own teaching or can use them as supplements to your own teaching (we all need a break now and then. I would have loved to have these available on days I was ill or was taking care of my fussy baby). See free samples and full description below…


Living Lessons included in this Preschool Package

This collection is always growing! When you make your payment you are only paying for the Living Lessons and curriculum listed below. This means that the price may increase for this listing as we add more lessons. However, once you make your purchase you automatically receive access to all the lessons listed below and all the future lessons as well! Once you enroll you retain access to the Preschool Living Lessons for life and will never pay for future Preschool Living Lessons not listed on this page.

We will update this list as we add more lessons. Currently the following lessons are included (all of these have been provided by Waldorf teachers Amy and Nicole. See “Our Team” for more information)

Living Lesson Stories
Dragons: The Boy and the Dragon: Story and Circle Time: Video
Hedgehog Discovers Autumn: Story: Video
The Apple Cake: Story: Video
Michaelmas Story & Circle Time: Video

Living Lesson Crafts & Art
A Fishing Pole Craft: Video
Wet Felted Pumpkin Craft: Video
Yellow Wash Wet-on-Wet Watercolor: Video
A Watercolor Story for Blue and Yellow: Video
Rolling Beeswax Candles: Video
How to Make a Felted Ball & Felted Acorn: Video
Spring Craft: Sewing a Bunny Finger Puppet: Video
Spring Craft: Wet Felting an Egg: Video
Spring Craft: Growing Wheat Grass: Video
Spring or Summer: How to Make a Flower Crown
All-Season Craft: How to Make a Simple Gnome
Spring or May: Making a Flower
May Craft: How to Make a Maypole

Living Lesson Circle Times
Ocean & Water Circle Time: Video
Yoga and Waldorf Inspired Circle Time: Video
Pees Porridge Hot: Movements and Verse with Waldorf Teacher: Video
The Grand Ole Duke of Yoke: Movements and Verse with Waldorf Teacher: Video
Seasonal Verses for December: Video
Holiday Verses for December: Video
February (Winter #2) Circle Time with Story: Video
Spring Circle Time with Story: Video
May Circle Time

See Living Lesson Samples Below

Teacher Amy Cho: Pre & KG: A Dragon Story Teacher Amy Cho: Pre & KG: Felted Pumpkin Teacher Amy Cho: Halloween Circle Time

Already included in this package are all the same benefits you receive with our traditional Earthschooling Curriculum Package below..

All of your curriculum materials including mp3s and video tutorials are available through a teacher portal immediately after you make your purchase. You can read more about how this works here.

FAQs About Earthschooling

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Testimonials About Earthschooling

Why do we call this a “Curriculum Experience” ? Because when you purchase Earthschooling curriculum you not only receive a full curriculum (without the need to purchase any additional materials) but you also receive:

*Teacher support videos, mP3s and live support worth over $200.00
*Instructional Movement/Eurythmy videos worth over $50.00
*24-Hour member forum
*Bi-monthly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher worth over $180.00 a year
*Access to member photo galleries
*Access to your experience on any device – mobile phone, tablet or computer – from any location
*Member chat forums
*Weekly newsletter with tips, updates and more
*Free updates for life (we add new material every year)
*Cultural & language enrichment lessons including Spanish, German, French, Arabic and more worth over $185.00

Eurythmy lessons are coming in May! Purchase now and get this addition for free with your curriculum!

Main Lessons
Each of the months below includes a weekly planner guide with specific daily lessons

January Preschool Lessons
February Preschool Lessons
March Preschool Lessons
April Preschool Lessons
May Preschool Lessons
June Preschool Lessons
July Preschool Lessons
August Preschool Lessons
September Preschool Lessons
October Preschool Lessons
November Preschool Lessons
December Preschool Lessons

Music Lessons
Verses for Preschool (Listed by Month)
MP3s for Preschool Verses

Teacher Guides Specific to Preschool
Preschool Planner (PDF)
Preschool Supply List (PDF)
Weekly Themes for the Preschool Year (PDF)
How to Make Waldorf Stuffed Animals for the Classroom (PDF)
How to Make Knit Horses & Unicorns for the Classroom (PDF)
Basics of Finger-Knitting (Video)
Finger-knit Flowers (Video)
Preschool Landscape Chalk Drawing Tutorial by Waldorf Teacher Brian Wolfe (Video)
Handwork Videos: Napkin Doll (Video)
Nature Table Craft (Video)
Pre-needle Felting (Video)

Enrichment and Extra Lessons
Preschool Garden Themes for the Month (PDF)
Extra Fingerplays (PDF)
Guide to Science Stories Preschool Through Fourth Grade (PDF)

Legal Support
Lists of Curriculum Concepts to Submit to State Supervising Teacher
Correspondence Charts between Earthschooling & Core Curriculum for State Board

Extra Member Benefits
Member Blog with Extra Lessons Indexed by Grade, Season and Topic
Preschool Grade Chat Room
24-Hour Member Forum
Free Support
FAQs Page for Preschool
Preschool Grade Links Page
Member Galleries of the Preschool Year, Classrooms & Lessons
Kristie’s Private Galleries of Earthschooling Photos

Teacher Reference Materials
Mini-Course: Waldorf 101 Mini-Course (PDFs)
Webinar: Planning Meeting with Waldorf Teacher Diane Power (MP3 & PDF)
Webinar: Planning Meeting with Earthschooling CEO, Kristie Burns (MP3 & PDF)
Webinar: Rhythm and Stages in Waldorf Education (Video, MP3 & PDF)
Webinar: Basics of Early Childhood Education (Video)
Basic Waldorf Verses: Circle Time, Bread Making, Clean Up Song, Basic Waldorf Verses, Leaving Songs, Lunch Blessing Songs (MP3s)
Reference: Introduction to Basic Waldorf Watercolor (PDF)
Planner: Weekly Scheduler for Multi-Age Classrooms (PDF)
Planner: My Waldorf Year (PDF)
Planner: My Waldorf Year for the Southern Hemisphere
Planner: Earthschooling Basic Planner (PDF)
Planner: For the Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine and Phlegmatic (PDFs)
Mini-Book: Waldorf Basics (PDF)
Article: A Dozen Lesson Planning Tips (PDF)
Article: Parent & Teacher Modeling (PDF)
Article: The Importance of Free Play (PDF)
Article: Adapting Stories (PDF)
Article: Celebrating Festivals in Early Childhood (PDF)
Article: The Rhythm of Learning (PDF)
Article: The Three Day Rhythm (PDF)
Music for the Classroom: Sheet Music for the Year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December (PDFs)

Available Benefits for an Extra Fee
All the items listed above come with the preschool grade curriculum. However, we also offer the following services below for an additional fee:
Graduation Certificates & Transcripts Available for Additional Fee
Certified Teacher Consultations Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Waldorf Teacher Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Handwork Teacher Available for Additional Fee


Preschool Samples

Complete Guide to Earthschooling Preschool Earthschooling Preschool Sample Chalk Drawing in Preschool – Teacher Tutorial Sample

If you are unfamiliar with this package and need additional samples beyond what we have provided on this page we suggest that you purchase smaller lesson blocks to sample the curriculum (you will be given credit for your block purchase if you decide to upgrade) or contact us at: You may also be interested in visiting our Testimonial Page or What is Earthschooling page. You can view our company purchase and privacy policies HERE.

The current value of this package is $460.00 if you were to purchase the items individually. You save over $300.00 by purchasing this package for only $150.