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Ahhh! Those lazy, hazy days filled with wonder and adventure and the vibrancy of life. In this sunny book that completes the seasonal Nature Activities series, Irmgard Kutsch and Brigitte Walden take children on a stroll through the wonders of the outdoor world in full bloom. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a rural countryside at your front door, or have window box gardens and city parks as your touchstone to nature, you’ll love this book and find hundred’s of ways to delight the children in your care with the natural world. Inside you’ll find…

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The Story of This Book
An Invitation


Working with Herbs

  • The Herb Garden
  • Raised Beds for Herbs
  • Working with Herbs: Basic Skills
  • Herb Recipes

Breeding Butterflies

  • Butterflies: a Symbol of Beauty
  • Looking after Caterpillars
  • A Butterfly’s Favourite Places
  • From Caterpillar to Butterfly
  • Making a Butterfly Cage



  • A Bridge to Lie on
  • Ponds and Streams
  • Water: Lessons for Life



  • Giant Soap Bubbles
  • Conscious Listening


  • A simple fireplace
  • Building an underground oven
  • Building a clay overn
  • Building a clay ball oven
  • A wood-fired kiln
  • Some thoughts on responsibility, safety and supervision


From Grain to Bread

  • Healthy Nourishment
  • Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  • Creating an Eating Culture
  • From Whole Grain to Fine Flour: The Story of Grain
  • Grain Recipes
  • A Quick Reminder

Further Reading
The Children’s Nature and Garden Centre
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