Star Trilogy Book #3: The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread

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This is book three in the series. The story continues as Prince Corin has more freedom than most youngsters his age, but he feels restrained by his family’s expectations. He hates being trained how to handle a sword or spending time with his mother selling vegetables at the market. He even resents the time he has to spend caring Star, the kingdom’s precious Luck Dragon. He wants to be left alone to follow his own interests. He even strikes up a relationship with a marketplace magician, whom his mother tells him he cannot trust and must stay away from. 

Author: Donald Samson

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Then Corin’s cousin Elinor comes to live with them, following the death of her parents. This turns his world upside down. Elinor does not trust Corin. He had played practical jokes on her when they were younger, and she is not even ready to believe that he has the ability to speak with the dragon. Not many days after arriving, Elinor is kidnapped and Star takes Corin to the rescue, forcing him to access sides of himself that he is reluctant to acknowledge. This draws the cousins closer, but they still continue to bicker.         

Before the Queen has a chance to present Elinor at court, she overhears two men plotting against the crown who then threaten her if she ever speaks of what she has heard. Corin dismisses her suspicions, since one of the men was captain of army, whose loyalty is unquestioned…

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