The First Fire: A Cherokee Story

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The First Fire, A Cherokee Story takes place in a time when animals could do many of the things that people do. The Creator gave the animals the world to live on, but they were without a source for heat at night. Great Thunder and his sons saw the plight of the animals so he sent lightning down to strike a tree…

This is the perfect book for second grade animal fables block, third grade creation stories block, or the fourth grade Native American block! I’m a bit fan of reading the same book over multiple years (the students get something new from it each time) so this book could be a cornerstone of your classroom.

Author: Brad Wagnon

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The tree burst into flames but the tree was on an island. Many animals tried to bring the fire over the water to the shore, but they were all unsuccessful. Then one small creature, Water Spider, volunteered. Curious, the animals said to her “We know you could get there safely, but how would you bring the fire back without getting burned?

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