The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship: Digital Edition

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However, while this book does focus on the relationships between adults and children, one can also benefit from reading the different sections and applying some of the wisdom to his/her own relationships with other adults or by extrapolating ideas from the sections to help siblings get along better. You can find some reviews on our testimonials page and more here: (The 1st Ed.) Note that this book is available to you by ordering here. We then send it to you from the publisher. Or you can download the book directly from the Nook, Kindle or ITunes stores. We do not personally offer this as an e-book so this is not included in the Lifetime Membership.



This listing is compatible with Nooks, Kindles, iPads and other tablets and electronic devices. If you want a print copy of the book see the “print copy” listing. Although this item is available in e-book form it is not a free item with the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package as it is part of our Published Books in Print series (none of the books on this page HERE come with the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package).

For teachers, parents and ALL adults that interact with children – this book is as comprehensive as a textbook but as readable as a novel. Through guides, examples, stories and lessons the reader learns how to type him/herself, family members, students, and friends and to delve into the mysteries of how the different temperaments interact with each other. Because these interactions are unique, depending on the age and relationship of the people, this book focuses only on the adult-child relationship which can differ greatly from the adult-adult relationship or the child-child relationship.
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