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Join teacher Amy on a wonderful adventure through the Third Grade Farming and Gardening Block. This is a complete block for third grade. Each Living Lesson set is a complete video course for the block and includes chalkboard drawings, teacher instruction, main lesson book drawings, music, watercolor, and more. The exact contents of the block can be found below in the description.


What are Living Lessons?

Living Lessons are not an online school. Our goal is and always has been to assist the parent/teacher in their own classroom. We also feel it is important that the parent/teacher remains involved in the lessons to stay true to the Waldorf methods. So Living Lessons are a classroom assistant for you and a way for you to become a better teacher by having another teacher lead, guide, and inspire you. Here are some ways in which you may use the Living Lessons:

1. You are homeschooling multiple ages and need a virtual teacher now and then so you can offer each of your students individual attention.

2. You are looking for a virtual classroom experience with a Waldorf teacher.

3. You need a break now and then from homeschooling full time.

4. You want to enhance your own skill set by watching other teachers present Waldorf lessons.

5. You want to join a community of other parents experiencing Living Lessons with opportunities for your kids to connect with other kids in the program.

6. You are running a business or working from home and need a virtual teacher to help you homeschool.

7. You recently moved or are experiencing health challenges that make it hard to homeschool full time.

8. You are new to homeschooling and need a boost of confidence to start off your year.

9. You are new to Waldorf education.

10. You feel overwhelmed with the prospect of homeschooling or you have been forced into homeschooling by the pandemic and are feeling lost.

This is an eight week block…

Farming Block
Each video contains a nature exploration with Miss Amy and a step-by-step main lesson book page. The main lesson book pages walk through a short review of some of the forms practices and concepts in August which then become the border or part of the focus image. If you are working on a block system and have not covered these forms yet you may skip this part, choose a different form, or use this as an opportunity to merge the two blocks. In this month of farming we learn about soil quality and choosing the right location for our garden based on the sun’s movement, which tools we need, and harvesting nature’s bounty.

Week 1: Farming (Soil)
Teacher: Amy Williams
Length- 26:04 (small additional time needed for writing)

Miss Amy takes us into her garden to look at different types of soil; sand, clay, and loam. We learn which soil is best of our garden and create a MLB page. Our drawing contains a review of our Aug week 3 form drawing of the figure eight as the border and a short written description of the soils we discussed. The writing for this day is from the planner and is based off of the the sample MLB page.

Week 2: Farming (Observe Sun & Tools)
Teacher: Amy Williams
Length- 29:07 (additional time needed for writing)

In this video we discuss the movement of the sun and how it effects our growing spaces. We walk around Miss Amy’s house to see where the bright, warm sun is kissing the earth. Now that we know more about choosing a good sunny location we are ready to look at some tools we will need to cultivate our garden. The MLB drawing contains a review of our Aug week 1 form as the border and writing a list of tools and their purposes with picture icons. The writing for this day is from the planner.

Week 3: Farming (Harvesting and Farming Poem)
Teacher: Amy Williams
Length- 44:10 (additional time needed for writing)

In this video we discuss harvesting and go through Miss Amy’s garden and surrounding area looking at plants. We more closely observe goldenrod, nasturiums, and basil. We also get to meet Miss Amy’s newfypoo puppy, Miss Mabel. The MLB drawing is for Day 2. We practice a form drawing border from Aug week 3 and write out the farming poem available from this day in the planner.

Week 4: Farming
Teacher: Amy Williams
Length- 36:06 (additional time needed for writing)

We’re indoors on this windy day to make a warm cup of tea from today’s plants. We learn about chamomile, mint, dandelions and see several other herbs from Miss Amy’s garden. Then we create a dandelion main lesson book page for our poem “The Dandelions” from day one in the planner.

More descriptions for the rest of the lessons coming soon…

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8