Third Grade Waldorf Earthschooling Core Curriculum Bundle

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By the third grade, children are beginning to comprehend the difference between self and other and wonder where in the scheme of things they belong. To fortify their growing personal identity, they read creation and origin stories from different cultures (teacher can choose which variety of creation stories they include)…

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Around the age of nine comes a very important psychological change. The child has a stronger experience of its own individuality or identity (ego) and therefore begins to question adult authority. it may feel isolated from family and friends and therefore need more sympathy and firmness from teachers and parents. Again, the subjects given to Class Three are carefully chosen and timed to relate to this inner psychological change.

The origin and creation stories give the nine-year-old an inner picture of the vastness of the world and the wonders it holds. In handwork the children crochet a hat, a visible form of something protecting them. In the main lesson they learn about occupations such as house building, farming and traditional crafts. How do farmers provide our food. Unforgettable is an early morning visit to a cowshed with its characteristic sounds and smells, seeing the cows milked, feeling their warm breath, tasting the fresh milk! Farming, housing, building, measurement, and mastery of the multiplication tables and four arithmetic processes provide a practical foundation for scientific study and help ground the children. They go away together to spend a week on a farm. The study of grammar helps them to develop rational thinking. Each child takes up a stringed instrument: violin, viola or cello.

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*24-Hour member forum
*Bi-monthly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher worth over $180.00 a year
*Access to member photo galleries
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*Cultural & language enrichment lessons including Spanish, German, French, Arabic and more worth over $185.00

Teacher Guides & Extras
Sheet Music for the Year
Kindergarten Supply List
Kindergarten Planner
My Waldorf Year for the Northern Hemisphere
My Waldorf Year for the Southern Hemisphere
Waldorf 101 Guide
Waldorf Basics Guide
Earthschooling Basic Planner
Organization and the Temperaments (Planners based on temperaments)

Main Lessons
Lesson Block: Creation and Origin Myths and Legends (PDF)
Lesson Block: G3 Native American Stories (PDF)
Lesson Block: House-building (PDF)
Lesson Block: G3 Language and Grammar (PDF)
MLB Samples: G3 Language by Hannah
Lesson Block: Third Grade Math Block (PDF)
Lesson Block: G3 Long Division Math Additional Lessons (PDF)
MLB Samples: G3 Math by Hannah
Teacher Guide: Guide to Science Stories Preschool through Fourth Grade (PDF)
Lesson Block: Third Grade Storyland of Science (PDF)
Lesson Block: Farming & Gardening Guide & Main Lessons (PDF)
Lesson Block: Herbs for Kids: Part One (PDF)
Farming Reference Book: 13 Chapters for Reference (21 PDFs)

Main Lessons in Art, Watercolor & Handwork
Art Lesson: Indian Art – Mandalas (PDF)
Art Lesson: G3 Watercolor Extra Lessons (PDF)
MLB Sample: G3 Art Hannah
MLB Sample: G3 Painting Hannah
Teacher Guide: Form Drawing Basics (PDF)
Lesson Block: G3 Form Drawing Main Book (PDF)
Lesson Block: G3 German Form Drawing (PDF)
Teacher Guide: Handwork: How to Spin Wool (Video)
Handwork Lesson: Handwork: Story for Spinning Wool (PDF)
Lesson Block: Handwork: Knitting and Weaving for Kids (PDF)
Lesson Block: Handwork: Felting: Felting a Mermaid (Video)
Lesson Block: Textiles and Clothing (PDF)
Handwork Block: Unicorn Patterns to Knit (PDF)

Main Lessons in Music
Third Grade Verses for the Year (PDF & MP3s)
Pentatonic Fingering Chart (PDF)
Pentatonic Recorder: Book One (PDF)
Pentatonic Recorder: Book Two (PDF)
Pentatonic Recorder: Book Three (PDF)
Soprano Recorder Fingering Chart (PDF)
Soprano Recorder Lesson Guide (PDF)
Soprano Recorder Music Cards (PDF)
Third Grade Sheet Music for the Year (PDF)
Second Language Verses in French, Spanish and German (PDF & MP3s)

Teacher Resources Specific to Third Grade
Third Grade Planner
Third Grade Supply List
Reference: Leaf Shapes (PDF)

Cultural Enrichment Lessons
Australia: Dream Time Stories, Part One, Two and Three (PDF)
Australia: The Cave (PDF)

Enrichment & Extra Lesson Blocks
Lesson Blocks: Supplemental Stories for Third Grade (PDF)
Supplemental Lessons: G3 Handwork, Science, Math
Supplemental Lessons for G3 Gardening (PDF)
Space Clearing Block (PDF)

Legal Support
Lists of Curriculum Concepts to Submit to State Supervising Teacher
Correspondence Charts between Earthschooling & Core Curriculum for State Board

Extra Member Benefits
Member Blog with Extra Lessons Indexed by Grade, Season and Topic
Third Grade Chat Room
24-Hour Member Forum
Free Support
FAQs Page for Third Grade
Third Grade Links Page
Member Galleries of the Third Grade Year, Classrooms & Lessons
Kristie’s Private Galleries of Earthschooling Photos

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Graduation Certificates & Transcripts Available for Additional Fee
Certified Teacher Consultations Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Waldorf Teacher Available for Additional Fee
Live Tutoring with a Handwork Teacher Available for Additional Fee

Third Grade Curriculum Samples

Guide to Earthschooling Third Grade Introduction to & One Week of Third Grade FREE (69 pages free!) Third Grade Craft Block Sample Pages

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