Three Ways to Do a Waldorf Main Lesson

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…Cultures:Ancient Greece: G5″, “Astronomy: G6”, and “Six Divisions of a Circle:Form Drawing: G6”. However, the methods used in the form drawing portion are the same one would use for all form drawing lessons and the other lessons also use methods you would use in any Main Lesson you are giving to students in first through tenth grade. This is an essential video for any parent or teacher with a child in first through tenth grade. This video can be downloaded to your computer or Ipod and free tech support is provided if you need any help. These videos are free with the Teacher Support Package (at: and the Lifetime/Family Package (at:


Customers say; “Thank you so much for this video! It was so useful to see what a Main Lesson looks and sounds like!” – AN; “Dear Kristie, thanks so much for this video. I really can’t tell you how helpful it is to see what a Waldorf lesson should look, sound, feel like.” – BL. This hour-long video includes traditional main lesson teaching methods for the classroom as well as homeschool methods for the home or tutoring situation. The specific lessons shown are “Ancient…