Waldorf French Classes: Autumn – 11 Lessons!

USD $100.00

Included: 11 Video Lessons (MP4)  and 11 Video Guides (PDF) – That’s only $9.09 per lesson!

These classes were designed to be for children ages 2-8 years old. However, in my experience learning various languages I would recommend them for any age – even adults! When I was a college student learning a second and third language I was fascinated with children’s books and stories! They were so beautiful and simple and cheerful – nothing like the strict college texts I was required to study. I actually learned more from children’s books than I did from the texts.


Try these lessons for your child of any age and see what they think – they may find them as enchanting as I did as an adult today! 

The style Emilie uses is also one of the most effective styles I have encountered in learning a second language. The use of engaging the audience, introducing simple concepts one at a time, and the use of a natural speaking voice with a later English translation are all proven effective methods in teaching a second language. The written supplements she provides are also helpful to the parent.

You can learn more about teacher Emilie here.

French Lessons Set One: Autumn Lessons

Lesson 1: AUTUMN: 18 minutes: Mother Earth & The Seed Babies – Mère Terre et les graines

Lesson 2: AUTUMN: 21:19 minutes: Apples – Les Pommes

Lesson 3: AUTUMN: 19:31 minutes: The Roots – Les racines

Lesson 4: AUTUMN: 19 minutes: Leaves and Colors – Les feuilles

Lesson 5: AUTUMN: 29 minutes: Pumpkins – La citrouille

Lesson 6: AUTUMN: 22:46 minutes: Ancestors/Family

Lesson 7: AUTUMN: 19:40 minutes: The Spider

Lesson 8: AUTUMN: 23:56 minutes: The Story of Martin

Lesson 9: AUTUMN: 22:58 minutes: A Lantern Story

Lesson 10: AUTUMN: 19:44 minutes: The Little Red Hen

Lesson 11: AUTUMN: 18:30 minutes: Review Lesson