Waldorf Math Package

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This package contains all the math guidance you need to teach Waldorf inspired math to students in grades one through eight. This package comes with more than 25 illustrated full-color e-books, two videos, and ten sample main lesson books as well as access to member photo galleries. This package also includes curated links to practice problems. These problems correspond with the e-book lessons so that once you learn the concepts you will not need to take extra time to think up additional problems to challenge your students. When purchased individually this set of lesson blocks would cost $210.00. When you purchase all the blocks together you save 25%. 

This package is for you if your older child needs to “catch up” with Waldorf math concepts, if you are teaching Waldorf inspired math to multiple ages or if you simply want to add some Waldorf inspired math to your existing classroom or homeschooling program.

Feedback: We have been really loving the math story! My kiddo counts down until it is time to do our story each day. She wanted to actually buy items at the bazaar, so she gets a handful of jewels each day and she has to figure out what she can afford. Bravo to the creator of this math block. It is spectacular! – January Jordan

Some highlights from this package include:

First Grade: This block includes “The Basics of Waldorf Math”, “Sixth Sense Math” (First Grade Math Waldorf Style with Extras), and access to all the Main Lesson Book pages for first grade math. You will learn how to teach the four processes of math through traditional gnome stories and original Earthschooling stories, explore numbers and math in a natural and deep sense and much more. This is our most popular lesson block.

Second Grade: This lesson block contains everything you need for second grade Waldorf math including insights from Steiner, “Is My Child Ready for Second Grade Math”?, Main Lesson Book tips, daily practice guide, an original place value story by Kristie, math in fables and even math in saint and hero stories and a watercolor painting math lesson! Original illustrations included. This includes access to all the second grade Main Lesson Book math pages.

Third Grade: This lesson block contains everything you need for third grade Waldorf math including insights from Steiner, Main Lesson Book tips, and a daily practice guide. Lesson include double digit multiplication, long division, measuring concepts, time, money and more. This includes access to all the third grade Main Lesson Book math pages.

Fourth Grade: Fractions through cooking, factoring, long division, weights and measures, reduction and expansion of fractions, insights from Steiner and creative approaches to all concepts. Illustrations included as well as access to all the fourth grade Main Lesson Book pages for math.

Fifth Grade: In this block we will learn how to create a time-line, how to find averages, use decimals, figure out word-problems, and measure time, space and weight. This is all you need for Waldorf fifth grade math and also includes access to all the Main Lesson book pages for fifth grade math.

Sixth Grade: In this block we will explore graphs, business math, beginning algebra, exchange, estimation, and formulas for area and volume. This block also includes the breathtaking “Divisions of a Circle” form drawing/math lessons and “How to Start a Business for Kids”.

Seventh Grade: This block includes the following: Algebra/Simple Equations, Geometry – Area, Perimeter & The Golden Mean; Negative Numbers, Root Numbers, and everything you need for seventh grade math.

Eighth Grade:  This block includes advanced algebra lessons, problem-solving, working with ratios and proportions, factoring and the four processes. The eagerly awaited and delightful Platonic Solids Block (three dimensional geometry) is included in this package. Students will also work on the Pythagorean theorem, solving equations, area of parabolic curves and statistics.