Working with the Angels

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Working with the Angels is clearly the result of intense, deep, sustained love: the love of each article’s author for children and the world; the love of those responsible for publishing each article in its turn over the years; the love of the current editors in gathering all these remarkable insights and experiences together in one place; and, of course, the love of the angels for us.

This is a collection that is almost palpably alive with love and with love’s possibilities. And with that, I’m going to let the contents speak for themselves:

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Working with the Angels

  • Working with the Angels, Archangels and Archai – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Conversation about Angels and Human Beings – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Finding a Connection to the World of the Angels – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • The Meaning of Angels in Education and Self-Education – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.

The Destiny of the Child in Our Times

  • Working with the Karma of the Young Child – Margaret Meyerkort
  • Walking and the Incarnation of Destiny – Joan Almon
  • Continuing the Work of the Hierarchies – Werner Glas
  • Early Childhood and the Consciousness Soul – Joan Almon
  • Threshold Experiences of Children and Adults – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Religion of the Young Child – Elizabeth Moore-Haas

The Gateway of Birth – the Sistine Madonna

  • Raphael’s Sistine Madonna – Is It Approriate in the Kindergarten? – René Querido
  • The Sistine Madonna in the Waldorf Kindergarten – Joan Almon
  • The Sistine Madonna – Symbol of the Eternal in Humanity – Rudolf Steiner

The Gateway of Death – Working with Death in the Kindergarten

  • After-Death Care in the Home – Beth Knox
  • Helping Children in a Time of Trouble – Nancy Foster
  • Helping Our Children and Loved Ones at the Threshold of Death – Nancy Jewel Poer
  • A Festival for a Threshold Crossing – Patricia Owens
  • Birth into the spiritual World – Nancy Blanning
  • A Story for Mia – Louise de Forest
  • Grandma’s Dream – Sheila Rubin
  • For Anastasia and Her Dear Grandmother – Cynthia Aldinger

The Inner Path

  • Self-Development as a Basis for the Relationship Between the Child and the Adult – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.
  • Through the Eye of the Needle – Felicitas Vogt
  • The Path of Inner Schooling – Jorgen Smit
  • The Spiritual Foundations of Waldorf Education – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.

Compiled from articles published in the Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association

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