Second Grade Book List

Note: “Second graders are at the age when they begin to have strong likes and dislikes. Eight-year-olds react strongly to imagery in the fables and in stories of saints. They hear fables and stories of legendary characters such as saints. These stories teach of human fallibility and present a model for overcoming adversity…” – From Waldorf 101

Acquire the books below at your favorite bookstore or library or receive a complete set of second grade books FREE with the Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling Second Grade Curriculum.*

The Adventures of Nils Holgersen
By Selga Lagerlof
This is a famous work of fiction by the Swedish author, published in two parts in 1906 and 1907. The background for publication was a commission from the National Teachers Association in 1902 to write a geography reader for the public schools. “She devoted three years to Nature study and to familiarizing herself with animal and bird life. She has sought out hitherto unpublished folklore and legends of the different provinces. These she has ingeniously woven into her story.” (From the Book Jacket)


*Books with the curriculum may or may not include the community suggested books listed above but they do contain all the books your child needs for second grade as recommended by Waldorf teachers.

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