Charter School FAQs

Question: We purchase curriculum for members of our charter school. How can we register to purchase from you?

Answer: We work with many charter schools. They are all a bit different but they seem to fall into three different categories:

`1. We apply to be a vendor with them, they approve the application, we are in their system and then they can send us purchase orders when a parent/teacher wants to order an item. We fill the order and send them an invoice. They pay the invoice within 30 days.

2. The charter school will order items directly using a credit card from the curriculum page and then e-mail us the parent/teacher contact information so we can make sure the parent/teacher gets their curriculum instead of the charter school that ordered it.

3. The charter school does not have an application process. They will contact us to ask permission to work with us. They will send us purchase orders. We will fill the order and send an invoice. The invoice will be paid within 30 days.

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