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The following exam question is a good example of someone who has answered the question citing numerous examples and more than one source. This is considered a very good answer. When completing exams/assignments an answer like this indicates to me that you have a desire to be thorough in your work, which is a good indication that you would do the same for your clients.

1. In what areas of the world have evidence of ancient reflexology been found

Be specific.

Ans: The evidence of ancient reflexology can be found in the artifacts discovered by archaeologists and in ancient medical Literature


In Egypt in the physician tomb 2330 BCE, a pictographs of hand and foot reflexology at the Tomb of Ankhmahor at Saqqara also known as physicians tomb.

Tomb of Khentika, dating from the same era, includes similar pictographs


Historians record that the Roman military leader Mark Antony (83-30BCE) rubbed the feet of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII (69-30 BCE)


Some Chinese practitioners date Chinese reflexology practices to the rule of Emperor Huang Ti (2704-2596BCE) and his book The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor. The text is said to include the “Examining Foot Method.”


The earliest indication of healing via the feet in Japan can be seen at the Yakushiji (medicine teachers) temple at Nara, constructed at 680 bce where the footprint is etched on the upraised foot of the seated Buddha feature. Also in the temple ground in the Bussikudo, a building housing a famous stone, the Bu-soko-seki, with Buddha’s footprint etched into its top surface. The exact meanings of these prints are lost in history, but interest in the foot in relation to health continued. (Ref: Barbara; Kevin Kunz)

Very good job at citing more than one example and multiple references. Very professional!

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