Food As An Herb

This is an excerpt from a student exam with my comments in green…

  1. After reading ALL the articles and the article provided on this page please share with me what the most surprising remedy was for you and WHY. Tell me what remedy surprised you and why you may want to use it in the future. Your answer should be at least 6 sentences long. 

    Lettuce for gastritis and ulcers was the most surprising remedy for me. I guess it was most surprising since I haven’t really thought much about lettuce being an herb. 

This is perhaps one of the best things I learned in my herbal studies as well. That since ancient times many “foods” we use today were actually considered herbs and can be used as such. It is the culture that defines if something is a food, weed or herb. In my book, now, they are all herbs when used by the right person in the right way!

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