Monthly Curriculum


Monthly blocks are “daily planner” blocks that help make Waldorf education easy for the beginner, or busy teacher or parent. These monthly daily planners have all the lessons you need for that month planned out for you in detail for each part of the day, five days a week for the entire month. With these “daily planner” blocks all you need to do is “open and go”. We do all the rhythm and planning for you. We even organize the lessons according to a rotation of head, heart and hands. Each month/block also includes illustrations for you to reproduce for your classroom. These blocks not only make Waldorf education “effortless” – they also help teach you about Waldorf education as you work through the rhythm, method and style of each lesson we have planned for you.

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If you are looking for lesson blocks for each grade please check out or lesson blocks HERE. Lesson blocks are flexible lessons that focus on one subject at a time and contain all the teacher instruction, student assignments, illustrations, stories, crafts and other items you may need to teach that subject. You can also read more about lesson blocks HERE. Lesson blocks are not planned out by the hour or “day” but are organized like a text book so that you just follow the lessons in order as a teacher and stop and start at your own pace.


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