Nourish the Brain

This was part of a student’s answer on one of her assignments. I wanted to include it here to remind everyone how important it is to consider brain nourishment as part of any problem a client may be suffering. We often assume that emotional or psychological issues are related to emotional or stressful events. However, the human body is designed to deal with these events. If a client is not dealing with the emotions and stress in their life it could be an indication that their brain needs more nourishment.

This is what the student wrote that inspired me to remind everyone about this:

The brain needs constant nourishment. It demands an extremely large amount and continuous flow of blood and oxygen—about 20% of the blood flow from the heart. A loss of blood flow to the brain for more than about 10 seconds can cause loss of consciousness. Lack of oxygen or abnormally low sugar (glucose) levels in the blood can result in less energy for the brain and seriously injure the brain within minutes.

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