Point of View – Art or Communication

This is a comment I made on a student exam today that I wanted to share with everyone. As healers we need to always practice seeing things from the point of view of the person and culture we are in. Every little bit of practice we can get opens our mind wider and helps us become better healers. My comments are in blue.

1. In what areas of the world have evidence of ancient reflexology

been found? Be specific. From the pictograph that may be evidence in the Physicians Tomb in Egypt around 2300 B.C. To the Physicians Tomb in Japan from 690 A.D. In Asia there have been examples found also. In ancient cultures there were not many record, they had oral traditions that passed information not written record. The evidence we do have is in art work.

Very good! Although the “art work” in ancient cultures was considered more of a language and form of communication. It is just us that calls it “art work”

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