Andando Caminos

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This is  a much needed and long awaited book!  The warm heartedness of the author is equaled only by her enthusiasm for teaching and her deep and lively knowledge of Spanish language and culture.  It is a guidebook that paints the oft-daunting path of learning a second language with joy, laughter and beauty.  It is so rich and wonderful in its approach and guidance that I will go so far as to say that any teacher of any subject can learn a great deal from it.  Language teachers, especially those teaching Spanish will find their every hope exceeded.

Author: Elena Forrer

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Andando Caminos offers support in all aspects of Waldorf Spanish lessons, based on the developmental levels as the children move through the grades according to indications from Rudolf Steiner. For language teachers, it is just as important to understand the children in each stage of their development as it is to cultivate balanced and artistic lessons. Andando Caminos does not intend to bring a lesson plan to teachers, but to provide support for that task. It offers a practical perspective on planning the lessons, as well as encouragement for individual teachers to discover their own artistry and gifts.

Included are ample materials available from the Hispanic culture. Although countries in Latin America and Spain share many songs and customs, others are distinctive to each region or country. From the folk tale “El Gallo Kiriko” to “Nicolás Guillén’s Los Abuelos,” and from the Mexican legend of “Los Volcanes” to the shadow play of the ballad “Conde Olinos,” this text brings material suitable for all of the grades. Each piece is introduced with explanatory text for the teacher and is arranged according to the grades, first through eighth. Everything included in this book has been tested in the classroom.

Language teachers in Waldorf schools need more than strategies for delivering content. The work of teaching involves a human approach to learning—creativity and a path of self-discovery. In the words of the Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar.”

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