Animal Companion Evaluations

USD $75.00

Consulting services can be done via e-mail, Skype, or phone and include a temperament evaluation for your pet and suggestions for behavior management, enrichment, diet and herbs based on their personal needs. Specific issues can be addressed during the consult or you can choose to have a “general evaluation” of your pet – a valuable resource for any future issues you may face (so that future evaluations or training by any professional can be measured against a “normal” baseline report)


Did you know that animals have different temperaments and needs depending on their temperament? Would you like to enrich your relationship with your companion animal or improve their behavior? Would you like to provide them with the best diet and supplementation possible to enable them to experience their full potential? Kristie Burns, MH, ND, Phd. , Naturopath, Herbalist and Wildlife Behavior Anthropologist offers her temperament consulting services to your favorite companion animal as well as humans.