Auragole Quartet Book #2: Auragole of the Way

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Where Auragole of the Mountains told a story woven around dire but straightforward issues of survival, and thus had a semblance of simplicity, in Auragole of the Way Auragole encounters not just other people, but diverse societies. As he does so, the fabric of the story takes on a rich pattern and a complexity that echo his multi-layered experience. This richness makes for compelling, satisfying reading — I surprised myself by finishing Auragole of the Way in about half the time it took me to read Auragole of the Mountains.

Author: Shirley Latessa

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Auragole of the Way picks up where Auragole of the Mountains left off — Auragole has chosen to keep his commitment to see his friends to the city of Mattlemead, where they hope to find a cure for one of their party whose life is threatened by illness. In so choosing, he declines Agavia’s offer of deep training toward a personal awareness of the gods.

Almost immediately, disaster and death strike Auragole’s little band and his course is irrevocably changed. Hiding, fighting, and running for his life, Auragole eventually comes upon the mountain camps of the only soldiers who fight on behalf of human freedom and love, and who prepare for the Last Battle. It is here that he decides to go to the aid of a friend rather than follow orders he considers not his affair. But, what he thought he saw proves to be very different from reality , and he nearly pays for his error with his life.

Yet, even as chaotic war is waged all around him, he also discovers art and beauty in the form of True-Singing. A True-Singer is trained to sing so that the listener hears the voice within whatever of nature the singer embodies. Such song is achingly beautiful and deeply healing — and it becomes Auragole’s chosen calling. Out of the depths of his error, he discovers his teacher. Auragole of the Way closes as Auragole follows his teacher to Mattlemead where he will pursue the art of True-Singing.

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